R. C. B U R R O U G H S-C H E A T O M

I mean computer and website services!

Sometimes, some things need to be changed! Thank goodness the Internet is not carved in stone because it would be one heck of a job to change it if it were!! These are the computer and web services I offer...

  • Page layout.
  • Multimedia pages.
  • Responsive design.
  • Metawords for SEO.
  • Image and link tips.
  • Changes to website design.
  • Changes to webpage content.
  • Assistance with gaining or changing website hosting.
  • Search Engine Optimization for all size website sizes.
  • Knowledgable in most blogging software including Wordpress.
  • HTML 3 through 5, Cascading Style Sheet, and PHP/MySQL 4 and 5 programming.
  • Consultation of computer and printer purchases.
  • Certain computer repairs or updates.*
  • Software tutoring.
  • Virus and Malware removal.