R. C. B U R R O U G H S-C H E A T O M

Your website is about you!  It's about what you convey to your visitors.

Websites - Everybody has one. You know you really need one. You know it will drive more attention your way. This PRO will getbrowser safe message your job done in the most cost efficient way that best represents you!

My website is designed to showcase examples of my web programming skills. I create websites the old fashioned way and in the newer styles as well! This is one of the many things I enjoy about being a web designer and an artist! I am a geek and love it. My professional background includes more than juat the knowledge I have learned about the internet and programming for it.

It seems that almost every week something new comes onto the web or I find something I haven't seen before! I make it a practice to keep up to date with that latest internet programming because I Love satisfied clients!