R. C. B U R R O U G H S-C H E A T O M
E X A M P L E S  O F  M Y  W O R K

Just a few examples of what I know how to do...but, nothing too flamboyant!

Every time I code a web page I am consistently thinking of how can I improve it's looks, what little things I can add to make it special with the coding I am going to use in it, and how fast can it load in the top five browsers. Of course I am using HTML4/5, php/MySQL, CSS2/3, bootstrap, jQuery, and images in .png format (instead of .gif or .jpeg/jpg) wherever possible.

This page of my website has a few tricks up it's sleeves...including the links to pages I have either worked on or designed. One of the things I prefer to do is to embed at least one and no more than two special fonts into a web page so that each page of any website, when viewed, the font can be made to feel like a working piece of artwork as much as the rest of the website feels like a functional part of the browser used to view it!

ArSpirare: This is one of the largest websites I've worked on. There is a web gallery, blog, sales section, and database that gathers email addresses for the artist that owns this website.

Red: This website was originally designed by me and is fully functional. It is a basic website with a search engine and an email.

Art Deco:This art deco web page is basic in it's design with only a single page yet it's design lends itself handily to any business or personal use.

Cleopatra Nails:Upon examination you will notice that this web page is already filled out with the real info of this nail salon. It is only one page with nothing special done to it or in it.

Egyptian:By trying my hand at this design I found that it was leading me towards art deco and the Cleopatra Nails designs. While there is nothing special about this design, a special font was embedded in the page to accent the thought along with the pictures I found on the internet.