R. C. B U R R O U G H S-C H E A T O M
A B O U T    M E

I never could figure out a subtitle that describes me adequately except as "a presence".

This all started when I was in High School with a neanderthal punch card machine big enough to be a big rig truck being driven down the street. Only the brightest kids with the best grades in math could be in the computer room. That wasn't me you saw in there! They wouldn't even let me touch the door knob!! That was 1970 and so I joined the U.S. Army.

Jump to 1985. My initial experience with anything resembling computers was with the U.S. Army communications. After my discharge from service I had one other job subsequent to working for A.T.&T. who hired me to work in the data center of American TransTech located in Jacksonville Florida. Computers were huge things with giant reels of tape and communication terminal interfaces (for a few hundred dollars you could get a home computer that you hooked up to your TV and you had to program it yourself)! We were charged with initiating technical support for the historically most comprehensive task because the U.S. Congress had ordered the breakup of the A.T.&T. and Bell Systems. I learned about data entry and also had the most valuable, and fun, introduction to computer systems. This experience inspired my life long interest and involvement in computers and later the early debut of today's internet.

Buzzing right into this year. I am doing exactly what I love to do, right here and right now, in a very creative way! It's called building your website!